Discovery and heritage

Prestigious sites

You can go in traditional Aveyron, on the sites of the Tarn, Tarn et Garonne, Lot, to see the heritage of history. You can program more than twenty days of visit around major sites of Midi-Pyrénées, and others villages or monuments less prestigious, but endearing.

  • Cordes sur Ciel : a very beautiful medieval city. Built in 1222 by Raymond II, count of Toulouse, to watch the enemy and resist to the troops of Philippe Auguste. Then during the Albigensian crusade, Cordes was a Mecca of Catharism. Its cobbled streets, staircases, vaulted passages, gives an uneven chame to this city one hundred warheads. Within the walls of the city we discover its large Gothic houses which, associated to more modest homes in mud or brick reveal the picturesque character of this city. Its dominant part of the city offer a remarkable panorama.
  • Saint Cirq Lapopie : one of the most beautiful villages of France and one of the most touristic places of the Lot. Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is a museum village, of which almost all the houses are classified. The Village offers a beautiful view on the valley of the Lot, located 80 metres below. Atop the plateau subsitent the ruins of three castles and a powerful church from the 15th century Romanesque apse, square keep and stair Tower. The village is traversed narrow streets, steep and narrow, medieval houses from the 14th century very well preserved and classified.
  • Albi: a wonderful city at the edge of the Tarn with his Episcopal city. The heart of the city is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The Cathedral, made in pink brick, is fully painted inside. The palais de la Berbie is hosting the Museum Toulouse Lautrec. Central part of the city is included on the list of heritage mondial de l'Unesco.
  • Villefranche de Rouergue: This bastide, built by Alphonse de Poitier presents a multitude of narrow streets bordering the square Central arcades. With very beautiful bourgoises houses in the city center, the visitor can discover a large Carthusian monastery, the beautiful chapel of the Penitents Noirs and a few other religious monuments, including the impressive Collegiate Church, place Notre Dame.
  • Sauveterre Rouergue: a remarkable bastide of simplicity. The rational planning of the bastides is expressed in the town of Sauveterre with elegance and simplicity. The circumference of the remarkable central square, allows you to discover beautiful mansions and beautiful doors.
  • Belcastel: a picturesque village at the edge of the Aveyron. On the banks of the Aveyron, this small village offers, in a remarkable site, beautiful vestiges including the medieval castle, the bridge, and a few buildings temoigannt of the acestrales activities that marked its history
  • St Antonin Noble Val: a medieval city on the banks of the aveyron. In this part limestone the Aveyron, this medieval town cannot leave indifferent visitor. In its narrow streets stand of stately houses bourgeois, sometimes genuine, often reworked, but reflecting the urban architectural art of the period médéviale. Derierre its walls are also hiding a history or religion has busy prominently (Catharism, protrestantisme).
  • Penne: a picturesque village in the gorges of the aveyron
  • Bruniquel: two castles and a pretty village, at the gates of the plain of Montauban.
  • But as Varen, Verfeil, Caylus, Villeneuve D'aveyron, Labastide L'EVEQUE...
In away, beyond fifty kilometres, largely devoted wonders

  • Conques: a wonderful village with Roman Abbey  and its... wonderful treasure!
  • Figeac: The city of Champollion hosting its streets very nicely restored, beautiful medieval building. Figeac is the city  of the mysteries of Scripture.
  • Cahors, the capital of Quercy
  • Montauban, city of art, at the gates of Toulouse midi
  • Moissac whose cloister remains one of the most beautiful treasures of roman art
  • Millau, the viaduct, the Templar cites and the pastoral espasce of the causses
  • The other most beautiful villages of aveyron and the surrounding area

Bridge St Blaise in Najac

The village of najac and mist

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