In one year the transformation is impressive

The project of construction of the House was developed on the foundations of a centuries-old carpentry workshop.

Workshop in 2006 before the beginning of the work: the wood and stone is mixed already.

Abandoned, weather and time, its appearance is was somewhat degraded.

The workshop hosted cooperage and carpentry and framing activities. These very manual activities initially mechanized in the 1920s.

The old machines were arrested for 25 years. They were then entered into the 1920s, operated first by a gasoline engine and electric motors in 1935. This new energy, providing great flexibility of use, had completely transformed patterns of production.

The reconstruction will not retain the main stone walls. The building will be taken over entirely and an extension will allow the pieces to live on one level, in a dominant position.

In the reconstruction of the House, the wood has taken a privileged place. This universal material can be a structural element in the construction, a functional element in the implementation, a decorative element and the major component of the manufacture of furniture.

The doloire

The doloire is a fascinating wood size tool. Design apparently very simple, it must be perfectly balanced to be effective and accurate.

Its use requires agility and a gesture of experienced professional. Used by the Coopers and carpenters the doloire could trim pieces of wood, the staves of the barrels or framing bodies.

It is thinking about all former Coopers, carpenters, or carpenters, in safe, professional in the soul gesture, that the idea came from the name of an iconic tool at the new House.

The doloire is certainly the most elegant, but also the more inaccessible size tool in its manipulation.