Aveyron: a region full of contrasts

The Aveyron a region to discover

The  Gîte de la Doloire can be the starting point for discovering the Department of Aveyron.
The Department of Aveyron resumed in large part the former province called the Rouergue. 
It is a country of contrast due to its geographical and geological diversity:

the mountains of Aubrac: mountainous area of Northern Aveyron
the great causses: these limestone plateaus, sometimes has a respectable altitude (over 1000m) cover a large part of the Department (Levezou, Causse Comtal, Larzac..)
the Segala: relatively rich agricultural zone welcomes farms or farming is King
rougiers: these are areas little extended or rock, Earth, as well as the houses are red
The valleys: Lot, Tarn, Aveyron, Viaur,... are often deep and narrow

A diffuse and various habitat

The habitat, in the Aveyron Department, presents a great diversity in the methods of construction, the materials used, the location and organization of the villages. Former region, the Aveyron is not less than ten villages among the most beautiful villages of France, with classes for some a reputation International (Conques, Najac, Sauveterre) and an impressive amount of monuments including the twenty-four castles of the route of the Lords. 

Geographical diversity offers a large quantity of picturesque sites or is inserted sometimes beautifully traditional villages. It also contains sites geological number (sinkholes, caves, avens, resurgences). Large causses are home to the largest concentration of megalithes France (more than 1000 dolmens).

The gîte de la Doloire site

The gîte de la Doloire

A stay in a beautiful environment

A surprising House

An unforgettable panorama

A preserved site